Drake Vala – Guest Contributor
Jan 27 2020

The word” Cloud Computing” created a buzz in the technical industry, it may sound unknown for the beginner but it is going to take over all types of industry form small to large scale in the 21st century. Now, the question is what is cloud computing and why it is so essential. Cloud computing is nothing but a remote network of stored application which permits the user to access information at any place with the help of an internet device. We are shifting towards the digital era, where cloud technology avoids additional software to install, decrease IT expenses such as hardware repairing and maintenance. 

Every industry is moving to the cloud, as it offers many advantages, increase efficiency, and makes end-users life easy than before. Everything from landline phones to various online services moving to the cloud. Following through that, you can expand your small business with less capital which was earlier only could be afforded by large corporations. Below are some advantages you will come to know about cloud computing & why it is boon for the business.

Prompt software solution

Before the cloud came into the business, large enterprises had to manage many devices to store the information & to run their hardware. This was a tedious job as it required manpower and enough fund, that’s why only big corporations could afford that. Thanks to the cloud, now small businesses even can grow more, can install software, can build an online presence, and represent infrastructure on well-known platforms without spending large amounts. Cloud computing introduces many handy applications like Amazon, where the provider can reach the user directly.

Usage and accessibility of smartphones extend to the next level, so the most cloud-based application can be accessed in standard desktop, web browsers, though some have their platform around the globe. 

Digital Transformation 

The digital revolution means what? It is not a primary change in IT resources and its management but it is transforming fundamentally like in modern times if you want to maintain a stable online presence, want to reach out to the customers, many IT companies offering SEO Services, which improve data strategy, study of users behavior, implement innovative approaches to increase productivity that lead to revenue generation of business. 


If you want the smooth running of the business, flexibility is key. This needs cloud computing for small to large scale business to manage data securely. You can modify it as per your requirement & save files to any location. If you want to use any online resources, applications or trusted sources to save private information, for instance, google drive, you can store and manage bulk data in free with the same security. This kind of facility is useful for small businesses to stay in the competition.  

Renovating IT Structure 

After the flexible implementation, the cloud offers abundant resources to its users without the location barrier. This feature is important as you can access and connect to the server and allocate the same powers and resources with few clicks. Every single person of the company can access secured data for quick use it which avoids time consumption. 


Cloud computing offers companies mobility. Earlier, the company used to carry devices, systems, had to upgrade work stations for a new user. But cloud computing made it easy when you outsource any user or staff you just need to login to the system and allow access to them. Same way, cloud computing offers assurance, support, and quick solution to any small to large industry which saves money and enhance productivity. 

Better output 

Automatization giving you chance to improve your functions. Cloud computing made it simple with a reduction in cost. For example, automation in work offers error-free tasks, saves time, avoiding a repetitive task, increases output capacity without spending an extra penny. Same with the automation in administration work avoids long data entry, reduces error so that you can focus on real things to grow your business without hiring any staff. In the past only MNC has this facility, now it is available for everyone through the cloud. 

Rapid Development 

Cloud computing is suitable for any business and compatible to meet your business need. Previously, we had to buy machines, large servers to save data, power consumption for the storeroom and salary to an employee who manages them. Now you can replace this long process via cloud computing, you only need resources and brainy manpower to execute the same. 

Cost-effective Price 

 This might be the debatable point for business at what cost we can access the store and manage data with modification. As it saves time and cut manpower cost so instead of buying premium tools and software you only need to pay the minimum amount. For small and medium scale business google drive is the best option, you can use it free of cost up to 15GB after that offers flexible pricing options based on users’ requirements. No hardware or software installation is required to avail of this service.

Easy Data Recovery 

We can not afford data loss due to any small technical issue. Most of the time to keep data secure in-house increases cost and time-consuming. To avoid this we have cloud technology, as it creates backups and speedy recovery for data loss. It provides regular backup and provides cybersecurity.  


Above mentioned benefits of cloud computing, we have seen so we can say that it is tough to imagine someone would go for another option. This is a primary requirement for any small-mid- large companies. It has changed the IT scenario and made it easy for users, it eliminates the cost, reduces capital expenses, replaces traditional bookkeeping system. Thus, the level of productivity and revenue both can go on the high side. With the time cloud technology improving their services & solutions. We can only hope for the better version for further expansion. Knowing that you are using a cloud platform for your business, you can take perks offered by the cloud providers.