So, you’ve decided that San Francisco is your dream college destination. Well, nobody can blame you for that. The city is progressive, friendly for young adults, and has plenty to do. There are beautiful parks, free concerts available year round, an exciting nightlife, and plenty of action for loyal sports enthusiasts. If you are healthy-minded, the city is full of places to hike, bike, practice yoga, and eat plenty of plant-based foods.

Home to Great Colleges And Universities

Of course, it would be foolish to overlook the many wonderful colleges and universities located in and around the San Francisco city limits. It doesn’t matter if you want to go to a public school like San Francisco state or City College, or if you have your sights set on the Art Institute of California or Golden Gate University, there is a college for everyone in the Bay City.

One Small Difficulty

While it has many great qualities, San Francisco is hardly a low-cost area. That means most students will need to use financial aid to cover tuition, fees, books, and likely use the leftovers on living expensive. For many, even that won’t be enough. This is why the majority of students work. Many also apply for scholarships to help with the high cost of attending school and living in a major city.

The Scholarship Application Process

Every scholarship is run a bit differently than the others. The individuals and organizations who create scholarships each decide what their criteria is, and how they will decide who is deserving of the reward. There are scholarships offered to students for an astonishingly wide variety of reasons. This includes:

?     Planning to study a particular subject in school

?     Having a parent who is a member of a particular organization

?     Coming from a certain area

?     Playing a sport or having a certain interest

?     Being short or tall

?     Having a specific talent

Regardless of the focus of a particular scholarship, most of them require that you fill out an application. In addition to this, many ask students to write a scholarship essay to prove that they are the most deserving, the most motivated, or the hardest working. Students can even use scholarship essays to show what they will do with the funds that they win. Of course, to win, you have to submit an essay that wows. One option is to get essay editing help and advice from a company like EssaySupply. If you want to take on the challenge yourself, here are a few helpful tips.

Adhere to Your Essay Prompt

Part of earning your scholarship money is showing that you understand and can follow instructions. It’s also important to remember that the scholarship committee has very specific standards for awarding the scholarship money. Because of this, they may want to know very specific things about you. Don’t be tempted to stray away from the question at hand to be creative, or even to highlight something about your life that you think will help you earn the money that you want.

Avoid Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

You are up against other talented students, and you are competing to earn money to attend school in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. In fact, you may even find there are local organizations in the Bay area that offer up some generous scholarships. In any case, details matter. You have to turn in an essay that is well thought out, and free from egregious spelling and grammar mistakes.

Get Creative

Don’t think that all of this advice about following rules and paying attention to the Queen’s English means that you cannot be creative. Tell interesting stories. Use evocative words and phrases to demonstrate your passion and interest Break the fourth wall. Do something visual or creative. Whatever you do, do it well. You want to stand out in a good way.

Know The Organization

Before you sit down to write your essay, take some time to research the organization that is sponsoring your scholarship. What is their purpose in offering the scholarship? Are they a charity group, fraternal organization, or a professional group? If they have a website, check it out. The more you know about them, and their values, the easier time you will have writing the essay that they want to read.

Be Personal And Sincere

Nobody wants to read a boring list of your personal accomplishments. They want to know that you are a sincere, hard-working student who is going to put their scholarship funds to good use. Demonstrate that by telling a personal story that shows your character.


If you produce a well-written scholarship essay, you could be even closer to your dream of attending school in beautiful San Francisco! Good luck!