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If you have a property in poor physical condition there are several things you should take into account. It does not matter what is the reason why it reached this state, maybe it was a victim of some type of disaster, such as a flood or fire or it has simply been uninhabited for a long time and the lack of maintenance has left a dent in it. This is indifferent, what is really important is the recovery process.

So submitting your house to a repair and maintenance procedure in these unfavorable conditions is worthwhile, but at the same time it can be very expensive. Not everyone has how to cancel the fees of a repair company and this can only complicate the situation: the more time passes, the worse the state will take the house.

So, there are several things you should take into account, to know if it really worth the pain. Some of them can be:

  • Money. Again, an extremely important factor. If you have the necessary resources or ways to obtain it in the short term, then it is worth investing in your property. You can take later decisions about it:you can choose to place it in the sale if you do not live in it and do not want it to reach a similar state or simply, you can move to it. It also works to find someone you trust who lives in the property.
  • Feasibility. If you decided that you can really fix it, think: is it worth it? Not all properties in bad conditions are worth fixing; for example. A house that was affected by a natural disaster has lost strength in its infrastructure, and unless a very professional reinforcement treatment is carried out, this could be dangerous in the future.
  • Your own availability. We return to a point already mentioned. Can you really keep the house once you arrange it? Do you have purposes with it? Or on the contrary do you need the money from the sale? Think of all the possibilities.

And a cash buyer?

Now, if after your analysis you see that you really do not have the tools to fix it, you can sell it in an "as is" condition to a cash buyer. They will pay for your house immediately and regardless of its physical condition. The reason is very simple, they want these structures in order to invest and make changes in it for later purposes, and therefore, it does not affect the condition in which you deliver it. This can be an excellent idea if you need to get the money and not give for lost your home.

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