If you think that you need an ESA then you are most probably right! Most people who think that they need an ESA are usually right.

Feelings of intense sadness or anxiety are not normal. If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety, stress or any other such mental development in the extreme then you need help.

And if you already know this then you have probably gone to a mental health expert.

But if you are still unsure then you should have a diagnosis.

This diagnosis will help in getting you an ESA that can help you immensely.

Pets as ESAs!


Many people are severely attached to their pets and want them as an ESA. This is entirely possible but beware, there is no such thing as an ESA registration. Oh, no! Anyone claiming that they can register you ESA is lying through their teeth.

There is a correct procedure for these sorts of things. What you can do is get an ESA letter online. This letter is a document that will verify that you have an ESA.

 It also offers you legal protections.

 But, is it a good idea to have your pet as an ESA? Well, there are a few things that you should consider.

 If you've determined that an emotional support animal is right for you, it's important to make sure you obtain a real esa letter from a reputable provider. 

RealESALetter is here to help. We provide emotional support animal letter certifications for those who qualify, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to authenticity and legality. With a real ESA letter from RealESALetter, you can have peace of mind knowing that your emotional support animal is fully recognized and supported by federal laws. So, if you're considering registering your pet as an emotional support animal, trust RealESALetter to provide you with the certification you need.



 If you have a pet and want to make it your ESA then the first thing that you should be doing is making sure that it is not ill.

This means that the animal should not have any allergies. It should not have any bugs or parasites on it.

Its nails should be trimmed and it should be in a good, well-groomed condition.



The second thing to note is its behaviour. Only domesticated animals can become ESAs so if your pet is prone to violence then you need to train it.

The pet should not attack others and must be extremely well-behaved.

If your pet is not well-behaved then you will have a problem because no one will allow you to keep it as an ESA.


 Ok, so there is no restriction on the size of the ESA that you can keep. But, you should still keep an ESA that is small in size.

 This is just a suggestion and you don’t have to follow it but keeping a small ESA will make things so much easier for you.

 You will get as little trouble as possible if your ESA is small in size.



The type of animal you choose to keep as an ESA also matters. In most cases, pets are common animals like cats or dogs.

 But some people tend to have exotic pets and then want to keep them as an ESA.

That is fine as long as it's non-violent and well-groomed, but there are certain restrictions that you will face with an exotic animal even if it is an ESA.



 One of the restrictions I mentioned is travelling. Most airlines require that your ESA be small in size i.e. that it does not take up the space of other passengers or block the aisle.

also, airlines forbid the entry of exotic animals on board even if it is an ESA and you have all the documentation.

 So, you won’t be able to travel with an exotic ESA.


Restaurants / Hotels…

 Ok, the policy of an ESA entering a restaurant or hotel depends entirely on the restaurant or the hotel.

Some will make an exception for an ESA while the others won’t.

In some cases, certain animals will not be allowed. So, really, it is in your best interest to just keep a cat or dog as an ESA.

If your pet is a different type of animal then do think about making it your ESA.


 Keeping an ESA means that you are protected by two laws.

The Fair Housing Act ensures that you can keep an ESA with you even if your landlord has an anti-pet policy in place.

The Air Carrier Access Act ensures that you can travel with your ESA and that you do not have to pay any extra charges for it.


 The only document that you will be needing for an ESA is an ESA letter which you can easily get online.

Some airlines may demand that you provide additional documents that verify the grooming and behaviour of your ESA but that is that.

Other than these documents, there is nothing else that you need to prove that your pet is also your ESA.


ESA vs. Service Animal…

 Before you start the process of making your pet into your ESA, know this that an ESA is not a service animal.

An ESA is only there to provide support to you. A service animal has a lot of other uses and that makes it different from an ESA and also provides the animal with many privileges.

An ESA does not have these privileges. The only privileges given to an ESA are discussed in the “Laws” section.

So-Called “Free Registrations”...

Ok, I mentioned this before, but I need to explain this here. Many websites will offer to register your pet as an ESA for free. Those are a scam. Plain and simple.

You can’t register an ESA, you need an ESA letter for your pet and that is given by licensed professionals.

 laws surrounding ESA letters can vary depending on the state you live in.

ESA Letter in Washington State

In Washington state, individuals with mental health conditions can request an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional. The letter must specify that the individual has a disability and that the presence of the animal is necessary for the individual's emotional well-being. The letter should also include the mental health professional's license information.

ESA Letter in Arizona

Arizona has specific laws regarding the housing of ESAs. Landlords in Arizona must make reasonable accommodations for tenants with ESAs, and they are not allowed to charge additional fees or deposits for ESAs. To qualify for an ESA letter in Arizona, individuals must have a mental health condition and must be receiving treatment from a licensed mental health professional.

ESA Letter in Georgia

In Georgia, ESAs are protected under the Fair Housing Act, which means that landlords cannot discriminate against individuals with ESAs. To qualify for an ESA letter in Georgia, individuals must have a mental health condition and must be receiving treatment from a licensed mental health professional. The letter must also specify that the presence of the animal is necessary for the individual's emotional well-being.

Need an ESA Letter?

 If you have decided to make your pet into an ESA then go online to look for a legit website.

There you will get an ESA letter but not for free.

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