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Look Closer…you may have a lot of what you want!

 I remember picking up a very sweet senior to go on an outing and she was mired in self pity and depression. She couldn’t stop crying.

So I asked her, if things were exactly as you would like them to be…what would that look like? She said she missed her library at home, and she missed having her home to herself adding it was so big,  “I could never take care of it now”. She was also annoyed at some of the residents where she called home now.

I reminded her she actually has a warm roof over her head, she doesn’t have to clean anything, she gets delicious meals made for her…another no cleanup there. And most of all, she gets a place to herself, where she can read as much as she wants, at any hour of the day or night. If another resident annoys her, she can slip into her inner sanctum and enjoy the high quality of her own delightful personality and smarts. To that, she said, well, let’s get on the road…!

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